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PFP Parents React to the SCOTUS Marriage Equality Decision

Here are some excerpts (reposted with permission) from PFP parents and prospective parents on their reactions to yesterday’s Supreme Court decision making marriage equality the law of the land in all 50 states. While we have more work to do, this is a time to celebrate!

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“Thrilled to be able to tell our son today that our family is not lesser! Thank you all who have worked so hard for this victory! I think I’m going to savor the moment, and expand my policy of Don’t. Read. The. Comments. to those four dissents. Love wins.” – Kerry Smith


“I remember in my early days as a professional activist I was in a meeting discussing the 20/20 plan (marriage equality in 20 states by 2020) and I was not alone in thinking it was overly optimistic and ambitious. So glad to be so wrong.

I hadn’t realized what a toll all the hate we’ve been faced with had taken until I opened a feed full of love. Let’s take a moment to celebrate this historic moment when history is moving in the right direction and let it fuel us to fight another day on all the other issues that still need work. #LoveWins #BlackLivesMatter” – Sandra Telep, PFP Vice-Chair



“Now it means so much more!” – Abby and Cheri, pictured with their marriage license in Delaware.


“In college back in 2003, I gave a speech in class about marriage equality. At that point no states had legalized same-sex marriage and the Netherlands were the only country in the entire world that allowed it. If I gave the same speech today I would get an F. And that is a good thing.” – Matthew Helm



“Legal at last with my husband Bryan Berchok. Thank you all for the support!” – John Ferraro


“What a great day for a great decision. Liz Petersen and I often comment that our role in this gay rights movement is to just do what we are doing. Raising our amazing kids and loving and caring for each other and our family. Other people around us see us struggling w/ homework, a new puppy, how much Pokemon should b allowed – all really important issues that all families have even straight ones. Being married allows life to keep going w/out having to explain who we are. Thanks SCOTUS.” – Shannon Dougherty



“So happy for my friends in my home state of Texas and elsewhere. Let’s celebrate today and get back in the fight for the rest of our rights tomorrow.” – Stephanie Haynes, PFP Director


“I’m going to like and share just about every gay thing I see today! Sorry, not sorry! You couldn’t tell me even just a few years ago that there’d be marriage equality in all 50 states by 2015. So thankful for those who tirelessly fought for our rights. #marriageequality #lovewins” – Sandy Gilardi, PFP board member


“Never thought I’d see this day in my life time! I can’t even tell you how over joyed I am.” – Doug Metcalfe, former PFP Chair



“Today history was made. Not because LGBT people fought and begged for it. It was made because the hearts and minds of our straight friends and family evolved and they took up the fight for us. It takes the majority. This is a victory for everyone. Thank you.” –  Michael and Lou GrowMiller

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