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(Sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things”):

Play dates at playgrounds, the conference in Philly;
A summertime picnic and New Year’s brunch when it’s chilly;
Camping with Pride and the fun that that brings —
These are my P-F-P favorite things.

Apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein. My son has a little love affair going on with The Sound of Music so I kind of couldn’t help myself. But it is true – these are my PFP favorite things (well, except for the camping trip because I have never been on one, though I really want to and know that I would love it. You would too. Promise.)

When I joined Philadelphia Family Pride in 2008, the calendar was kind of spare. Frankly, there wasn’t much going on but I joined because as a pregnant queer mom who was sort of new to the area, it seemed like the thing to do. I have to be honest, though: I wasn’t very hopeful about the community I’d be able to build. I never imagined that five years later I’d find myself on the board with a dynamic group of people I’d call friends, planning an annual conference, a hugely well-attended annual summer picnic, repeated and successful play dates at Smith Playground, dinners out with other parents, ice skating outings, pottery-painting meet-ups, fall and spring hikes, mom and dad potlucks, trolley-riding in the Pride parade, and a zillion other exciting and fun outings.

PFP is where it’s at, you guys. And I’m not just saying that because of my current involvement. I’m saying it because it’s true and it surprised and delighted me. I have made good, close friends through PFP and can truly say that my life has been enriched because of it.

I’m excited to begin blogging for PFP in order to add to the sense of family and community I have seen grow around me in this organization. I expect this to be a space not only where we can relive the fun of events we’ve been at together, but also where we can talk openly about being queer families, raising (or wanting to raise) kids in Philadelphia. If you’d like to guest post on the blog and/or have an idea for a topic, please contact me at And in the meantime, stay tuned to this space. I’ve got lots to say.

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