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Family Matters Conference Schedule & Workshops

PFP 9th Annual Family Matters Conference

Schedule and Workshops for LGBTQ Parents and Prospective Parents – REGISTER NOW!

Saturday, October 6, 2018 9:00am – 3:00pm
University of the Sciences, McNeil Science and Technology Center
4308 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19104


Registration and Breakfast (8:30am- 9:30am)

Keynote Speaker, “Queer Parenting as Revolutionary Spiritual Practice” with Naomi Washington-Leapheart (pictured)      (9:30am– 10:15am)

BREAK – (10:15am-10:30am)

Workshop Session I  (10:30am-11:30am)

*LGBTQ Baby Making Options – A panel of professionals including Dr. Jaqueline Gutmann, RMA of Philadelphia, Michele Ottey from Fairfax Cryobank and TJ Henderson of Surrogacy Services International will detail the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) options available for LGBTQ prospective parents and the medical considerations for each choice.

Limiting Screen Time for Your Family – Struggling with how much your kids’ time is consumed by screens? Having trouble putting down your own devices to connect with your kids? Hear from family therapist Doug Gravier and PFP parents to learn boundary-setting and parenting techniques that are working for other families.

Trans and Genderqueer Parent Conversation Hour – Get together with other trans and genderqueer parents and prospective parents during this free-form session led by PFP board member Chloe Harris.

Legal Challenges to Our Families – Get an update from the attorneys at the ACLU of PA about current legal challenges faced by LGBTQ families in Pennsylvania and around the country, including foster and adoption agency discrimination against same-sex couples. Keynote speaker Naomi Washington-Leapheart will also participate in this session.

Maintaining Intimacy for LGBTQ Parents – The transition to parenthood comes with a lot of changes from sleep deprivation to new routines and schedules. This session will discuss ways to maintain intimacy between parents whether you are welcoming a new baby into your home, adopting an older child, or already a parent and looking to get that spark back in your relationship.

BREAK (11:30am-11:45am)

Workshop Session II  (11:45am-12:45pm)

Finding and Maintaining Safe Spaces for Our Families – Whether searching for a day care, pediatrician, camp or school for your kid, LGBTQ-led families face the regular questions of “which ones is best for us?” but with an added layer of “which place will be welcoming and safe for my LGBTQ family?” Come to this session to learn what to look for when making that initial decision and how to maintain these spaces as safe for your family.

*Domestic Adoption Options – Find out about the adoption options available to LGBTQ parents and prospective parents from a panel of adoption agency representatives and adoptive parents.

Talking to Kids About Sexuality and Gender – Ever at a loss for how and when to talk to your kids about sex, sexual orientation and gender identity? Especially as an LGBTQ parent? Come hear from Al Vernacchio, Sexuality Educator at Friends’ Central School and leave with some concrete ways forward no matter the age of your kids.

Getting Your Legal Ducks in a Row– Rebecca Levin, Attorney
Get a family law update from the attorneys at Jerner & Palmer that will cover the importance of second parent adoptions, estates and wills planning and more.

Self Care for Single Parents – Connect with other LGBTQ single parents and discuss ways you take care of yourself while taking care of your kids.

LUNCH (12:45pm-1:45pm)

Suggested seating by affinity group in the campus cafeteria.

Workshop Session III (1:45pm-2:45pm)

Political Advocacy for the LGBTQ Parent – Come hear from local, state and national leaders about the legislative challenges to and protections for LGBTQ families at this informative session. Presenters include Amber Hikes from the Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs, soon to be state representative Malcolm Kenyatta and the Task Force’s Naomi Washington-Leapheart.

*Becoming a Foster Parent – Learn about the requirements to become a foster parent and the process from representatives from foster agencies and stories from PFP foster parents at this session.

Donor Sibling Registry –  Meet DSR founder Wendy Kramer, discuss your family’s story connecting with donor siblings and get tips on talking to your kids about their donor and sibling relatives.

Queerspawn in the Family: A LGBTQ+ Parent and Queerspawn Dialogue – Are all members of “LGBTQ families” visible? Are all of their needs accounted for? Are all the perspectives taken into account? LGBTQ+ family advocacy often focuses on parents alone, yet parents are only one part of the family. In order to address the needs of the entire family, we need to invite queerspawn to the table and understand their unique needs and points of difference. We will discuss the impacts of being raised by LGBTQ+ parents and the lasting connection queerspawn feel to queer community and culture. We will address the controversial topics that often arise in an effort to navigate a path of understanding and empathy. How do we rise together in a unified movement that centers the needs of queer and trans parents and queerspawn?

CLOSING and RAFFLE DRAWING (2:45pm-3:00pm)
Raffle is a free drawing for a night at the Hotel Palomar, a Kimpton Hotel. Enter the drawing by filling out the vendor raffle card and visiting the tables in the vendor area. Must be present to win.
At the end of the conference, we strongly encourage folks to go en masse on the 11 trolley on Woodland Ave. to the 15th street stop and Love Park in Center City to attend Philly Trans March 2018, hosted by the Trans Equity Project, a program of GALAEI.
*Indicates session specifically for LGBTQ prospective parents.