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Equality March for Unity and Pride in DC

Dates: 06/11/2017 Dates: 06/11/2017 Location: Washington, DC

Meet up with other PFP families to either travel together or once we’re in DC for this national equality march.

Email PFP Board Member Adam Podowitz-Thomas for details at

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  1. Daniel Curcio May 27, 2017 at 12:59 am #

    Hey there Adam!

    Would you be so kind to add our event to your calendar? We are working with the National March and are the official Solidarity March in Philly. It will be a family friendly event. Here is the listing. Thank you so much in advance.

    Daniel Curcio, Founding Organizer
    The Equality Coalition


    THIS IS WHY WE MARCH SO FIND YOUR CITY AND MARCH WITH US! Pride shouldn’t be focused on corporations or banks and it would benefit by being more inclusive. Yet, still focused on the issues we still need to win. For that, we need to march again! When anyone’s rights are under threat, all of our right are threatened.

    We are Lesbian!
    We are Gay!
    We are Bisexual!
    We are Transgender!
    We are Queer!
    We are Questioning!
    We are Intersex!
    We are Asexual!
    We are Pansexual!
    We are Two Spirit!
    We are People of no Gender!
    We are People of all Genders!
    We are People of Color!
    We are People of Different Beliefs and Faiths!
    We are People of Different Ethinicities!
    We are People with Disabilities!
    We are Indigenous!
    We are Immigrants!
    We are Allies!
    We are beautiful intersections of these. We march for human rights. We are Americans! We are Residents! We are a family! We are Love!
    That’s what

    The Equality March for Unity and Pride is about. That’s what The Equality March for Unity and Pride Philly is about. That’s what The Equality Coalition is about.


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