2017 Board of Directors

Philadelphia Family Pride has had an active, volunteer board consisting of 16 members.

We adopted of our bylaws in 2007 and expanded the board in 2015 with the addition of the Event Planning Committee Chair, and then again in 2017 to add an additional six board members to the existing ten.

The board members serve for one year terms, except the chair who serves for two year terms. The elections are held at our annual New Year’s Day Brunch each January.

If you are interested in joining the PFP board in the future,  please contact Chair Kelly Durand. If you’d like to join a committee, please choose a committee you are interested in and contact the committee chair at the email address below.

kelly_shira2Kelly Durand, Chair
Board member since 2013.
Pictured second from left with her family.

“We like PFP because of the wonderful events and camaraderie that we feel with other families like ours. The annual Family Matters Conference has been a highlight for us, both to help plan and attend.”

Sandra TelepSandra Telep, Vice-Chair
Board member since 2012.

“We first moved to Philly when Leo was only three months old. We didn’t know anyone in the city and were really anxious to meet other queer people with kids, so Philadelphia Family Pride was a great fit for us. Now, a couple years later, some of our closest friendships began at PFP events. We are so grateful for those first events we attended that introduced us to families like ours right in our new neighborhood.”


ginafamilyGina Cline, Secretary
Board member since 2016

Board member since 2016.
Pictured center with her family.

“My wife, Liz, and I joined PFP shortly after the birth of our son. To me, participating in PFP is a precious opportunity to celebrate our community of Queer/LGBT families as we seek to make a more just world for the next generation.”

Sandy DiBerardino, Treasurer
Board member since 2015.
Pictured right with her wife.

“My wife Denise and I are prospective parents. We joined PFP so we would have support from others who understand the process we are going through to get pregnant.”


Despina Kontos, Education and Advocacy Committee Chair

Board member since 2017.

Despina Kontos, a transplant from Athens, Greece, has been living in the broader Philadelphia area since 2002. With a background in Engineering, she received her MSc and PhD degrees in Computer and Information Science from Temple University. She is currently a Faculty member in the Department of Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania where her laboratory is focusing on breast cancer research. She has been an active member of the local LGBTQ community, having previously served on the board of “AIDS Services in Asian Communities (ASIAC)”.

“We joined PFP so that my family can connect with the diverse members of local LGBTQ families. As a Board Member, I am committed to Education and Outreach and to help organizing related events for the PFP community.”

Terinae Holland, Fundraising Committee Chair
Board member since 2017.

Terinae is a native of Philadelphia who currently resides in Mount Airy with her partner and their three children (13, 11 and 8 months). She received her Master’s Degree in psychology from Capella University. She has volunteered on the board of Elements Organization as the Chair of Finances and as well as on the planning committee for the Diversity Awareness Board. She is well versed in granting writing, budgeting, and creating websites. She also is very personable and is very creative. Terinae was awarded a Citation from City Council of Philadelphia for her work within the LGBT community in 2014.

Phyllis Chamberlain, Event Planning Committee Chair
Board member since 2017.

Gregory Hedler, Membership Committee Chair
Board member since 2016.

Members at Large:

Adam Podowitz-Thomas
Board member since 2017.

“We joined PFP as recent transplants to Philadelphia because it was important for us to meet other LGBTQ families and to have our daughter grow up around kids with families that look like hers.”

Adam, his husband Stephen, and their daughter Edie live in Bryn Mawr.  He’s an attorney, originally from North Carolina.

Angel Brice
Board member since 2017.

bryanBryan Berchok, Member-at-large
Board member since 2013.

Bryan and his husband have a 12 year-old son and live in upper Bucks County.


gregoryfamilyGregory Yorgey-Girdy
Board member since 2015.
Pictured right with his family.

“I love how PFP is changing attitudes to ensure that all families are respected, loved, and celebrated in addition to enhancing the LGBTQ parenting network of support. 
Most importantly, PFP allows my children to identify families, such as ours, as”normal” families.”
Gregory lives with his husband, Paul, and four children, Bella, Xander, Trevor and Logan in South Philadelphia.

Joel Nichols
Board member since 2016.

“PFP is an invaluable resource for queer parents and for finding other families like ours.”
Joel works for the Free Library of Philadelphia. He lives with his boyfriend and their kid in West Philly.

pajamapartyNijah Newton-Famous
Board member since 2016.
Pictured left with her wife.

Nijah is enjoying her 2nd year on the Board of PFP.  She and her wife have been foster parents for a little over 3 years. Nijah loves performing in community theater and eating PFP Board Member, Gregory H’s sweet potato souffle!

Ruby Augustus
Board member since 2017.



Tariem Burroughs
Board member since 2017.

“I joined PFP because I could not think of a better group, or should I say family, to become a part of as my husband and I take the next step in expanding our family. I’m excited to learn from the men and women involved in this great organization.”

Tariem is the Community Engagement Specialist at Temple Medical School. He lives with his husband, 2 cats, dog, and turtle in West Philadelphia.

Our Staff

stephanieoutawardStephanie Haynes, Executive Director
Staff since 2009.
Pictured here (right) with her wife in 2013 receiving the OutProud Family Award.

Stephanie is the part-time Executive Director of Philadelphia Family Pride. She lives with her wife and twin sons in West Philadelphia.

“My wife and I joined PFP shortly after our twin boys were born. We knew one other two mom family, but wanted to expand the opportunities for our children to meet other LGBTQ families. Attending PFP events has been a great way to connect and normalize our family for them.”